Gone Girl postlude

Today at 10am was my interview for the NPH stand-in gig.  There was one guy there named Jeff who looked more or less just like him.  Long story short: they picked him.

I’m feeling down about it.  Not that I didn’t get my fair share of the Hollywood experience–I got more than most people ever get–but after being there and having that 2nd opportunity dangled in front of me, it was a hard letdown.  Today I sort of felt the way I did at All District Choir my senior year of high school.  Having made All State Choir the previous year, the pressure was huge to make it again the 2nd year.  The entire day I waited anxiously to find out if I was still one of the best singers in the state.  That night I did get picked for the 2nd time.  Today I didn’t.  The feeling isn’t exactly the same, because today’s events didn’t depend on anything I could affect like my singing skill; it depended on my genetics.  But it still stung.

This has been one of those experiences that I’m going to have to process for a while.  When Tom called me he said they could still use me as both background and a P.A. again, so I might get a call or two over the next few weeks to go back and work with them.  But nothing will be like getting to stand on set playing tag team with the actors.

I don’t know what it is that makes the movie crew so magnetic.  When you’re there you have this overwhelming desire to leave a good impression on everyone and to befriend as many people as possible.  It has something to do with their proximity to fame and fortune, and is fueled by how incredibly positive and nice everyone actually is that works there.  These people work in the most glamorous industry in the world every day.  Getting to peek in and participate from the outside was almost like a dream.  It was like being at summer camp, and now I’ve come home and have to get on with the ho-hum tedium of my normal life again.

But this life isn’t that bad.  Not at all, actually.  It was a wonderful diversion that I took last week.  But I could see in the faces of many of the crew that what they are doing had become a job just like any other.  Their experience on the set is just something that “pays the bills.”  I think it’s actually much better that I have disconnected while the experience was still so special.  It guarantees that these memories will always be fond, and that the stress I endured was worth every second.

I know a lot of friends and family have enjoyed reading this short series of blog entries; I’m glad I could provide a window into the world of a David Fincher production.  If I get called to do some P.A. or background work I will post any good stories that come out of that, but I have the feeling the best is behind me.  Thanks everyone for reading!

Hey, you know Fincher won an Emmy last night for directing House of Cards?  If you haven’t seen it, look it up and give it a try.  It’s excellent–my favorite show on television (well, Netflix… that counts?) right now besides Breaking Bad.  And he only directed 2 episodes, yet won the Emmy.  What a badass.

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  1. Kathleen Rice says:

    I’m awed by the experience you had with the filming of Gone Girl but I’m mostly awed by your writing skills and the pictures you painted in words. You have a lot of yor dad in you! You make me proud!

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